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1) Can our device work on Windows 7 system?
Yes, our SDK support Windows 7 system.

2) Can your device working on Linux or Android, Apple System?
Our devices can working on any system.
However, if using in these systems have to develop the software based on basic communication protocol through sending the Hex commend.

3)We have Android tablet, how to connect with your devices?
Here are three resolutions
1) Connect our device directly to your tablet, through USB interface.
In this way, can only develop based on Basic communication protocol
2) Communicate the data through wifi or Bluetooth (if using our handheld computer).
3) Using another host with windows system, connect to both your tablet and our devices.

If your system is Linux, it can work in similar way.

4)Is that your rugged handheld HY2600/2800 can be with Android system?
Our current device HY2600/2800 do not be with Android system.
In our R&D department, android rugged handheld is on evaluating stage.
Android system now is primary for personal usage and entertainment.
As for Industrial application, still need lots of test to prove stable.
Industrial rugged PDA is with much higher stability requirement than the commercial digital products.