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About SDK

  • About SDK
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1) Is that your company provide the communication protocol?
Yes, it’s included in the SDK package.

2) Is that your devices be with API?
Yes, but the API is just based on Windows system.
If need to work on other OS, like linux, need to communicate through communication protocal

3) Have open source code for software?
We provide Open source code for demo software. It’s the completed source code for all the functions our device get involved. You could develop the system easily based on it.

4) I search through your website found no source code and development manual to download, isn’t it for free?
Our source code and development do be free, however, under the condition that you have delivered the order of specific product. Even just one sample order, you could gain our Full SDK including detailed manual and source code, also enjoy our most professional engineering support
5) Could you send SDK before delivery of order?
 Sorry to say that we are unable sent it until you deliver the order. It’s the common sense of this whole industrial field. No professional company can meet this request.

 However, before your deliver of order, you could download the specification and demo software from our download sector. You could see it’s feature and function.