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UHF Animal Ear Tag

  • UHF Animal Ear Tag
    1/1UHF Animal Ear Tag
 UHF Ear Tag is made of special PET material,which have to be anti-corrosion. Most of the Animal ear tag can do that. However,The PET material have certain effect on UHF wave,to reach higher performance,have to do some adaptation on antenna to refix the wave.
  In current market, lots of other suppliers are using the ordinary inlay stick into the plastic tag shelf, with reading distance can only be within 1.5 meters using 8Dbi antenna, 3 meters using 12 Dbi antenna. Hyintech  HI-TSA8070 is with special design and adaptation to reach the long distance and good operation effort.As our ear tag TSA8070 using 8 dbi antenna, can be read at 6 meters , and 12 DBI antenna can read it at 10 meters .
  • HYTSA8070

    (80mm*70mm) UHF Animal Ear Tag
    For Animal Management,With Hyintech Specialized Designed Tag antenna.

  • HYB804

    UHF RFID Separated Reader&Writer support 4 Antenna

  • HYB608

    UHF RFID Integrated Reader&Writer with 8DBI Antenna (Optional GPRS/WIFI/BT)

  • HYUA8

     UHF RFID 8 DBI Antenaa for HYB804 Reader&Writer

  • Anti-thief UHF RFID Animal Management
    Anti-thief UHF RFID Animal Management
     For animal anti-thief, Hyintech HY3800WU,HYB804 Reader& HYTSA8070 Tags provide a more efficient way with the ourstanding feature of products. They could be your most trustful guard and manager.
  • Long distance UHF RFID Animal Management
    Long distance UHF RFID Animal Management
    HY3800WU,HYB804,designed for harsh enviroment,is with capability of reading tags above 200 pieces at the same time at long distance.