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How to Choose Supplier?

  • How to Choose Supplier?
    1/1How to Choose Supplier?

Currently, RFID Market is booming up. Lots of companies jump into this field. However, choosing the right supplier is the key to a successful project deployment.

To smooth the project deployment, recommend you take the following principle when you selecting the supplier.

1) Years of presentation in RFID Industrial
RFID device from newly developed, to a mature perfect product, need time to process.
Time is important for product upgrade and deployment experience collection.
Some of the new suppliers in this field using low cost as marketing tool, eventually, who bought their product waste lots of time and effort on development, and project deployment get failed, due to the unstable performance.

Take UHF reader for example, some of the company isn’t good at UHF signal handling circuit design. The product failed to meet ordinary reading distance requirement. To longer the reading distance, they have to higher the value of current, and RF power, which make the PA chip inside always working at very high temperature. Such product, if just test for several hours, even days, no any problem. But the PA get aging quickly, which will shorten the reading gradually, and bring death of the device.

For RFID Library System
Some of the tags and HF RFID Gate supplier without any experience in Library deployment said their tag and device can work in library system.
It seems no different for Personal management and library management.
The difference is just Person with the tag, another is book with tag.
And HF Gate reader is with multi tag reading.
Seems problem solved simply and easily.

However, some buyers of tags and reader for library have to turn their souring to Hyintech.
Even they have to strip off the tag already stick on book.

One thing they missing, is the tag passing through HF Gate alone, and after stick on book is different.
When tag stick on book, sometimes need to bend a little bit. And also have to be cover by other layer of paper (last page of book). Both will change it frequency and reading angle when passing the HF RFID Gate. If no special resolution for this, the missing rate of tags will be huge.
Hyintech have HF Gate reader HI-L20 and tag HI-HT-5050L perfectly solve this problem.

Hyin Technology Co.,Ltd in this field since 2003, with rich experience.

2) Difference of Trading company and Manufacture
Some trading company can be with much more lower price than the manufacturer.
What they chasing is the shorten benefit. They sourcing from low cost factory, just selling the product, no need to take consider the after service and technical support during the further development. When you bought their product, every thing is on your own. As long as you have something to ask in technical, no one at their company could answer.

Here in China, Software engineer is with very high salary. It can say their time is very expensive.
As manufacture, have to take consider the technical support and after service, to ensure the long term cooperation, the product have to be with high quality.

Hyin Technology Co.,Ltd is the manufacturer be with most talent engineer team in both software and hardware.
Our engineer team is ready at any time to solve you any technical problems during your deployment.

By the way, software and hardware customization is available in Hyintech.

3)  Presentation in International Market
Some Manufacture is primary focus on China domestic Market. All their SDK and documents do be in detail, but all in Chinese. Few English documents available. Which make the development process very difficult if bought their products. When asking documents in English, sometime take months to done, sometime get nothing.
If what you bought is from trading company sourcing from such factory, things will get worse.

Hyin Technology Co.,Ltd got such problem at the beginning of International marketing too. However, with years of pains taking English documentary work, and International market presentation. All development documents are in fully detail with English now.

3) SDK Package
Hyin Technology Provide detailed SDK package, including full manual and demo source code with all functions. All of these are free of charges.

Noted. SDK Package we sent under the condition of order received of specific product.
      As for demo software, could download freely from our website at download sector.