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EPC UHF 2nd Generation RFID standard gains support



     A group of manufacturers and providers of RFID data collection technology have submitted an RFID protocol definition that could pave the way for the adoption of a new RFID standard known as EPC UHF Generation 2, according to SAMSys Technologies Inc.

     Major RFID players currently supporting the protocol include Royal Philips Electronics, Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI), Impinj Inc, SAMSys Technologies Inc., Q.E.D Systems, UPM Rafsec, and Intermec Technologies Corp., among others. This article is copyright 2004 UsingRFID.com.

     Together these companies represent multiple sources for every aspect of an RFID system - chips, tag, and readers - as well as manufacturers of barcode and 2-D symbology equipment, wireless networks, mobile computers and terminals, software companies and RFID system manufacturers and integrators.

     The proposed definition is currently under development by EPCglobal Inc., the arm of UCC.EAN charged with establishing the EPC system. The new definition meets the requirements outlined by the leading retailer RFID mandates and others (such as the US Department of Defense).

     According to the group of companies proposing it, the new Generation 2 standard would also work world-wide, meet international standards, and provide an alternative path to low-cost RFID tags and readers.





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