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RFID asset tags tested in 22 US hospitals



     The US-based asset management solutions firm, eXI Systems, has completed its RFID asset tagging trial programme with 22 hospitals in the US, including the Wuesthoff Medical centre and Maui Memorial. The trial demonstrated the ease of use of the tags, and the robustness of the RFID infrastructure.

     The system combined the ability to protect, locate, and track equipment with the provision of eXI Systems'' HALO Infant Protection System. Hospitals that participated in the trial programme are already using HALO to prevent infant abductions. Moreover, by placing asset tags on mobile medical equipment such as pumps, ventilators, and stethoscopes, as well as patient transportation equipment such as gurneys and wheelchairs, hospitals ensure their asset protection and location capabilities. This article is copyright 2004 UsingRFID.com.

     "It''s an excellent idea to combine asset tracking and infant protection in one system," said Susan Johnson, clinical engineer with the Family Birth Place at Wuesthoff Medical centre in Rockledge, Florida.

Cost of theft
     "It is estimated that the theft of equipment and supplies costs hospitals US$4,000 per bed each year and, with more than 975,000 staffed beds in the US, this represents a potential loss of US$3.9 billion annually," said Alan Foster, president for eXI Systems. "Our RFID trial showed that staff saved time looking for equipment and had more time to attend to patients. Without such a system, fundamental efficiencies are lost and what can''t be located has to be replaced at a significant cost every year."

     eXI''s Assetrac system integrates with eXI''s patient security systems and offers interfaces to other hospital information systems and building access systems. The system can also be used to help reduce capital costs, increase asset utilisation, and bring about labour savings.




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