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Intermec opens RFID partner certification course



     The supply chain solutions developer, Intermec Technologies Corp., has introduced a full training and certification programme, ''Intermec Honors'', for its RFID technology partners, also offering education and advice from its own RFID experts.
     The firm''s curriculum and technology supports existing ISO standards for RFID (radio frequency identification) and is compatible with evolving EPC (electronic product codes) specifications. With the current proliferation of RFID applications, and in response to increasing customer demands for more qualified sources of RFID integration services, Intermec launched the programme to ensure its technology partners have the tools and training necessary to implement RFID successfully. This article is copyright 2003 UsingRFID.com.

     The programme''s two levels, Authorised Partners and Certified Partners, allow partners to build a foundation of RFID knowledge and to broaden their areas of expertise and participation in the market.

Certified partners
     The Certified Partners will be able to provide their customers with proven, well-defined RFID value-added services, including RFID tag development, RFID-specific business processes, and products and services that complement Intermec''s RFID systems. They will have the knowledge and expertise to install custom software at the API level, and have a thorough understanding of the mechanical and civil work that often accompanies an RFID installation. Only Certified Partners will be approved to sell Intermec''s RFID products, to complete RFID site evaluations, and to specify Intermec''s RFID solutions.

Authorised partners
     The Authorised Partners will have a good understanding of the fundamentals of RFID technology and potential applications, the features and functions of the equipment and tags, and a thorough understanding of the elements required to complete a successful implementation. They will also have the skills necessary to provide customers with RFID products and services.

     "Intermec knows that companies need an array of RFID products and services - integration, middleware, application interfaces and hardware," said Intermec''s executive vice president, Tom Miller. "The new partner programme is one of the many steps we are taking to make sure our customers get accurate, consistent information and advice."

     Training for each level of the programme includes an overview of RFID technology, a history and technical explanation of the firm''s Intellitag family of products, basic installation, tag selection and RFID theory. The training has been designed to provide the necessary skills to evaluate and design a complete RFID system, using a hands-on approach.





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