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UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management

  • UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management
    1/3UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management
  • UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management
    2/3UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management
  • UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management
    3/3UHF RFID Production&Inventory Management

Hyintech Technology Enable Inventory Management to be in a more efficient and automatic way.


1.       RFID Resolution

1)      Stick the UHF Tags like HYUT10015 onto products, or boxes

2)      Install HYB608 or HYB804 with multi antenna upon the production line.

3)      When the products with tags passing through, the information will be read which could put into database in host

4)      Install HYB804 with 4 antennas on the gate for entrance / exit of goods, when the entire patch of goods go through this gate, all the tags could be detected. Then the host could get noted of all the items listed.

5)      Handheld Computer HY3800WU can scan all the tags within its range.


As for the goods with metal, or liquid, things will be different.

It has to using our anti-metal tag HYTS-M03.

More detail, please contact our sales or Technical support person.



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  • HYB804

    UHF RFID Separated Reader&Writer support 4 Antenna

  • HY3800W

    Industrial Handheld Computer With Handle ,Long reading distance(20Meters) ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3 , Language Customizable

  • HYB608

    UHF RFID Integrated Reader&Writer with 8DBI Antenna (Optional GPRS/WIFI/BT)

  • HYUT10015

    (100MM*50MM)UHF Adhesive Tag/Label/inlay

  • HYUA8

     UHF RFID 8 DBI Antenaa for HYB804 Reader&Writer

  • HYTSM03A/B

    (A type 135*29*6mm ,B type 119*22*4.5mm)  UHF RFID Anti-Metal Tag

  • HY3800S

    Industrial Handheld Computer ,IP65 ,4 inch(1.2 Meters) Anti-Drop ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3, Language Customizable