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RFID Drug Management&Anti-Fake

  • RFID Drug Management&Anti-Fake
    1/1RFID Drug Management&Anti-Fake

Hyintech RFID Reader&Tags,make drug production management and counter-feit into a more efficient way.It could save you a a lot of human labour.

UHF reader&writer HYB804 possess capability of reading tags above 200 pieces at the same time and at long distance.

UHF handheld computer HYB2600WU is the most durable industrial rugged handheld Reader&writer sustain for durt ,water,and drop.

Stablility,most durable,is the feature of our readers.

UHF tag like HYUT7323 , HYUT10005 perfectly coordinate with our UHF Reader&Writer.

The tag HYUTAF5026 is made by special creamic material,which will be problem when it got teared off. 

It  could be used for encription,for counter-feit fuction.


  • HYB608

    UHF RFID Integrated Reader&Writer with 8DBI Antenna (Optional GPRS/WIFI/BT)

  • HYUT10015

    (100MM*50MM)UHF Adhesive Tag/Label/inlay

  • HYUTAF5026

    (44mm*18mm) UHF Fragile Anti-Fake Tag

  • HY3800S

    Industrial Handheld Computer ,IP65 ,4 inch(1.2 Meters) Anti-Drop ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3, Language Customizable

HYUT10015 is the UHF tag can still be in function when it has been strip off.

HYUTAF5026 is the anti-fake tag, maded of special material when it tear off, will be broken.