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Short distance LF RFID Animal Management

  • Short distance LF RFID Animal Management
    1/1Short distance LF RFID Animal Management

LF RFID is the most traditional RFID management resolution. The frequency is 134.2K


It’s the short reading distance resolution


l         Standard Resolution

2) Using rugged UHF handheld computer HY2600WH to check the ID of the tags.

  This handheld can read LF Ear HYTSA06 tag at around 8cm.

  HY2600WH can transfer data through wifi or GPRS to host. It also with high quality barcode scanner, which could read the barcode from the tags in old system, if exist.


  • HY3800S

    Industrial Handheld Computer ,IP65 ,4 inch(1.2 Meters) Anti-Drop ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3, Language Customizable