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Poultry RFID Management

  • Poultry RFID Management
    1/1Poultry RFID Management

Poultries like Chicken, duck, pigeon, have small sized.


Resolution is using small RFID ring put on their feet.


l         Standard Resolution

Put HI-TSA , the ring at the feet of poultries, using our Handheld reader HI-HL-2600 to read the id from tags.


HY3800WU can communicate with the host through GPRS, or wifi.



HI-TSA can be with LF chip or HF chip, depends on specific resolution.

For LF chip, is read only, and HF chip is both read and write, but with higher price.

Take consider the small size, HI-TSA can not be UHF. And reading distance is within 10 cm.


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  • HY3800W

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