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Library RFID System

  • Library RFID System
    1/4Library RFID System
  • Library RFID System
    2/4Library RFID System
  • Library RFID System
    3/4Library RFID System
  • Library RFID System
    4/4Library RFID System

Hyintech Library Gate Reader HYL20 , Multi-tag long distance HF RFID handheld HY3800WH,HF Long distance multi-tag Reader HYH1W1TR, Sensitive Panel Antenna HYP3242, handheld antenna HYH121535 provide Library, an automatically resolution.


Guidance in Deployment and Software Development


l         Book Tagging and Data Initialization

1)      To reach Excellent performance in Library RFID System, Before the tagging, Please read Hyintech Book tagging Instruction (In Download Sector),to stick Library tag(HYHT5050L) at the correct location

2)         Read the barcode of book using barcode scanner and write into The tag, using HYH1W1TR HF Reader&Writer with antenna HYP3242

3)         Set EAS Bit, Using HYH1W1TR HF Reader&Writer with antenna HYP3242

4)         Write the Barcode of book and Tag ID into Database in Host


l         Anti-Thief Detection


1)      Install Library Gate Reader HYL20 at the entrance of Library Gate

2)      Set the Gate Reader HYL20 at EAS mode.

3)      When the tag Detect the EAS big on tag HYHT-5050L Enabled, the Gate shown alarm

If not, then no alarm.

4)      For Simple deployment method, Just send it to EAS mode, and then just leave the power on

Readers work on itself.

5)      HYL20 is with Infra detector, could count and detect person go in and go out.


l         Self Check in / out Station

1)      Fetch Personal Information through Contactless ID card issued by library, using card reader HYH06 Desktop Reader.

2)      Put the book on antenna HYP3242,which lined to reader HYH1W1TR. Disable or Enable the EAS Bit, and do the necessary operation in tags and data base.

Piles of books could be process at the same times


l         Book Drop

Install HYH1W1TR with HYP3242 inside a Case , when books drop from the slide to case, the tags could be read. Be aware that, to prevent other books (not for return)passing by to be read, the case have to be covered by metal, which could block the wave of reader


l         Shelf Management

Device using as below

HY3800WH Long distance HF RFID multi-tag Handheld held computer

  • HYH121535

    HF(13.56MHZ,ISO15693) Reader&Writer HandheAntenna. Sensitive Design,Industrial ABS Material

  • HYP3242

    HF(13.56MHZ,ISO15693) Reader&Writer Pannel Antenna. Sensitive Design,Industrial ABS Material

  • HYL20

    HF(13.56MHZ  ISO15693) RFID Gate Reader

  • HYH1W1TR

    HF(13.56MHZ  ISO15693) Mid Distance Reader&Writer (1 Antenna Port)

  • HY3800W

    Industrial Handheld Computer With Handle ,Long reading distance(20Meters) ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3 , Language Customizable

  • HYHT5050L

    (50MM*50MM) HF ISO15693 Adhesive Library tag