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Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management

  • Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management
    1/3Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management
  • Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management
    2/3Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management
  • Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management
    3/3Barcode Rugged handheld Logistic Management

Hyintech is the long term Rugged handheld computer supplier of lots of Logistic Company including FedEx in Asia, DHL in Asia , SF the most biggest logistic company in China and etc,


Our product is with most durable design, FedEx have using our product HY2600 since the beginning of 2007, till now 2012,few of them need repair.



Using Barcode handheld computer HY2600/HY2800 to scan barcode on delivery bill. Login the data into Database.

There is two way to use Barcode Engine in Handheld.

1)      Simple way

 For HY2600 active a software named Scanwedge.exe ,

 For HY2800 set the Barcode scan as Emulated Keyboard.

 In this way, the barcode scanner engine could be used under the mode of Emulated Keyboard. The barcode input just follow the mouth cursor, easily put into Excel, word, IE and other place could show the mouth cursor

2)      Professional Way

Hyintech provide whole SDK, including demo software and demo source code.

Software engineer could easily done the program using the API commend by just few adaptation on our demo source code.

To quicken and smooth the development, we provide a Demo project, with Entire Demo source code, which cover every necessary chain of the process.

Do adjustment on it, ordinary, could done your application.

Our Software engineer team, could provide the most professional engineering consultancy during your develop process


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  • HY3800S

    Industrial Handheld Computer ,IP65 ,4 inch(1.2 Meters) Anti-Drop ,Super Power Battery ,WinCE 6.0 R3, Language Customizable

There are lots of Rugged Handheld Computer suppliers in the current market.

However, not all of them can supply product as stable as us.

To Ensure the high quality and capability, we are using expensive high quality Barcode scanner engine inside our rugged handheld.

Circuit Design and Plastic Module need the top class engineer with rich experience.

Hyintech possess the most talent engineer team, not all the other companies have.

Hyintech’s test period is much longer than other China supplier before the product published on Market.

Hyintech have the most professional engineer team to supply you technical support.