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Specialized Jewelry RFID Tag

  • Specialized Jewelry RFID Tag
    1/2Specialized Jewelry RFID Tag
  • Specialized Jewelry RFID Tag
    2/2Specialized Jewelry RFID Tag

HF ISO15693 Jewelry Tag is with small size, but with much more higher cost than ordinary big tag.

Cause Jewelry tags have to be with very sensitive design, using coil but not ordinary inlay.

At current market, there is lots of supplier selling Jewelry tag just look like our HYTSJ15, however, it made by ordinary cheap inlay, which can not be sensitive enough to operation in this resolution.

  • HYH121535

    HF(13.56MHZ,ISO15693) Reader&Writer HandheAntenna. Sensitive Design,Industrial ABS Material

  • HYP3242

    HF(13.56MHZ,ISO15693) Reader&Writer Pannel Antenna. Sensitive Design,Industrial ABS Material

  • HYH4W1T

    HF(13.56MHZ  ISO15693) Long Distance Reader&Writer (1 Antenna Port)

  • HYTSJ15

    (15MM*36MM) HF ISO15693 Jewelry Tag

  • RFID Jewelry Management
    RFID Jewelry Management

    HY3800WH with sensitive and durable design,with excellent performance of reading HF(ISO15693) tag .
    make RFID Jewelry management a feasible way.

Some of jewelry tag in market use UHF and said the reading distance is 10 meters.

If using this tag along, or attached to jewelry not made of metal, it can be.
However, as long as it put around metal, it can not work.

If using UHF tag for metal jewelry, the reader can only read the tag from certain angle.
Whatever how closed the tag is, can not work in the same with like HF(put on the plate and read all tags). If do the same way, for UHF, lots of tag will missing the read

The only resolution for using UHF jewelry tag is with UHF handheld computer scanning tags almost one by one to avoid missing.