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Distinguish of Library Tag

  • Distinguish of Library Tag
    1/1Distinguish of Library Tag

Some of the tags and HF RFID Gate supplier without any experience in Library deployment said their tag and device can work in library system.
It seems no different for Personal management and library management.
The difference is just Person with the tag, another is book with tag.
And HF Gate reader is with multi tag reading.
Seems problem solved simply and easily.

However, some buyers of tags and reader for library have to turn their souring to Hyintech.
Even they have to strip off the tag already stick on book.

One thing they missing, is the tag passing through HF Gate alone, and after stick on book is different.
When tag stick on book, sometimes need to bend a little bit. And also have to be cover by other layer of paper (last page of book). Both will change it frequency and reading angle when passing the HF RFID Gate. If no special resolution for this, the missing rate of tags will be huge.
Hyintech HF Gate reader HI-L20 and tag HYTS5050L is the perfect suit solved this problem

  • HYL20

    HF(13.56MHZ  ISO15693) RFID Gate Reader

  • Library RFID System
    Library RFID System
    HYL20 RFID Gate reader with sensitive and excellent multi tag reading capability
    providing library the most secure EAS resolution for library.