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UHF Ceramic Tag

  • UHF Ceramic Tag
    1/2UHF Ceramic Tag
  • UHF Ceramic Tag
    2/2UHF Ceramic Tag

What''s the advantage of Ceramic tag than other ordinary UHF tag

1) Metal resistance. Ceramic is the best materal nowadays, if that UHF RFID tag have to stick upon metal.It''s enhanced reading distance is more than double than other ordinary tag at the same size.

2) Sustain Extreme Temperaturer

Hyintech Ceramic UHF tag can sustain temperatuer above 310 Centi Degree, which is for plastic injection. The tag can be integrated with your plastic product permanently

For the low storage temp is -80 Centi Degree

3) Long working life at high temp and low temp.

For vehical control system, for the sun heat, ordinary tags stick on windshield screen aging quickly, and it have to sustain the temp drop at short time, when it rains.

Ordinary could be easily broken. But our ceramic tag, is much more durable , and much more longer working life at such enviroment

4) Tear off and distroy.

For some vehical management, require that when the tag tear off, it must be deffect, to prevent reuse and fake.

Our ceramic Tag can fullfit this requirement.

  • HYCT8654

    (86*54*0.6mm)  UHF RFID Ceramic Tag

  • HYCT8250

    (82*50*0.6mm)  UHF RFID Ceramic Tag